How to Use a Bidet - Bathroom Design Ideas

A bidet is a toilet-like washbasin in a bathroom or washroom that is used for personal hygiene. It uses water to spray your private areas to clean them and remove any bacteria. Many consider it a better way for personal hygiene because it actually removes all traces of urine and feces instead of simply smearing most of it around with paper during the dry wiping process.

Bidets are sometimes used in hospitals for those who aren't mobile enough to use a standard toilet. They're said to also be good for hemorrhoids. Some women like to use them during menstruation to feel cleaner. Both men and women like to use them to clean themselves before and after intimate relations.

Wipe Yourself!
A bidet isn't necessarily meant to stop all toilet paper use. After a bowel movement, it's a good idea to wipe most of the mess away first before straddling the bidet. If you don't wipe yourself, you'll likely get visible lumps of feces in the basin which is unpleasant for anyone else who needs to use the unit.

Straddle the Bidet
Straddle the bidet with your front facing the faucet handles. This will make it easier for you to get your desired pressure and control of the water. Facing the faucets will also direct water from the back to the front of your private parts reducing the chance of spreading fecal matter or getting your pants wet.

Adjust the Water
Set the temperature on the cooler side and slowly increase the temperature until it has reached the desired warmness. Do not instantly spray hot water on your private parts since you could hurt the sensitive flesh. Sometimes soap is supplied and you can use it to give yourself an out-of-the-shower feeling. You'll need to suds up your hands and use them to clean your body.

Pat yourself dry with toilet paper, paper towel or a clean towel supplied for this purpose. Never use the towel that's been provided to dry hands to pat yourself dry after bidet use. Sometimes bidets have an air dryer. If this is the case, position yourself over the dryer and let the heat do its job. If you're a woman using a dryer, position yourself carefully so you don't blast air directly into your genitals. Doing so increases the chance of getting a potentially fatal air bubble in your blood.

After You've Finished
Rinse out the bidet completely. Spray it with a cleaner if a disinfectant has been provided. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them.

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How to Use a Bidet
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