Ground-Breaking Bath Products - Bathroom Design Ideas

Here is a rundown of some of the most original, innovative, ground-breaking, modern, exceptional and new bath products hitting the market.

Exclusive Shower Doors
Keep your eyes out for one-of-a-kind shower doors, or you can custom design an exclusive shower door to your specifications. Modern glass shower doors are all the rage in the bath industry, including sliding glass shower doors, frameless glass shower enclosures, decorative sandblasted glass doors, and glass doors with etched designs to add a touch of elegance and to obscure the shower stall.

Super Secure Grab Bars
The latest inventions in bathtub grab bars feature grab bars and safety bars that can be mounted anywhere - even on drywall. Until now, grab bars had to be stud-mounted, but these grab bar innovations, which can support almost 500 pounds in weight, feature a hollow wall anchor that can be mounted even on drywall. Great for support getting in and out of the bathtub and shower, handy as a toilet railing, and perfect for hanging wet or heavy towels.

Next-Generation Custom Body-Spa Shower
Produced exclusively by Kohler, the body-spa shower uses ground-breaking engineering to propel whirlpool jets of shower inside the shower, giving you a hydro-message like no other. Truly a revolution in water body care, with the touch of an electric pad you control the intensity of the water flow (selecting from eight to 10-jet models) and the direction of the jets (which strategically aim water spray at key acupressure massage points on either side of your spine) The most up-to-the-minute versions feature options for music, chromatherapy, and ambient lighting, allowing you to and customize your ultimate shower and massage experience. With jets of water pumping out up to 21 gallons of water per minute, extravagance doesn't come cheap; however Kohler's integrated pump system recycles water up to two times per minute, thereby ensuring that no water is wasted.

Bathroom Hot Seats
Trendy toilets feature not only a heated seat, but high-end luxuries such as an automatic open/close function, a jet spray to wash your bottom, and three different warm-air fan temperatures to dry your fanny.

Waterfall Showerheads
For a pioneering shower experience that will propel you into the next generation of ultimate bathing, enjoy multi-head showerheads that feature up to five movable shower arms and allow you to direct the spray in any direction you please. With spinning and star showerheads that can even create a spiraling waterfall in the shower, personal hygiene has never been so relaxing, invigorating, and enjoyable.

Fog-Free Bathroom Mirrors
Revolutionary technology literally lifts the fog in your bathroom with the introduction of the fog-free mirror. A thin electric heating element behind your bathroom or shower mirror keeps the glass warm to prevent it from steaming up.

Fragrant Fans
New "breezy" toilets are equipped with built-in fans and a charcoal filter which not only work to eliminate bad bathroom odors, but simultaneously emit scented fragrances such as citrus, lavender, eucalyptus, and jasmine as soon as you sit down. Going to the bathroom has never smelt better!

More Performance-Packed Products
The tide has truly turned when it comes to modern bathroom technology, fixtures, and accessories. Additional performance-packed and exceptional bathroom products include: bubble-massage baths, free-standing baths, dual-flush toilets, rainhead showerheads, spun-glass sinks, vanity sets, photo-finish faucets, bathroom suites and ensembles, and many more.

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Ground-Breaking Bath Products
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